Creating Your Color Palette

Creating Your Color Palette

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It’s not deniable colors and brands go hand in hand. When you think of large companies like McDonalds yellow comes to mind.

Why a great color palette?

Did you know the average consumer makes a subconscious judgement about a person or product within 90 seconds according to the Institute for Color Research.

Colors bring emotion and responses. So after carefully analyzing and determining your brand carefully choose 3-5 colors that tell the story of your company.

– Pink – fun, youthful
– Red – urgency, powerful
– Black – sophistication

How does it all come together?

Your dominate color should be your primary color. Then add in the other colors as accent colors. Remember you want to stand out from competitors so it’s helpful to pick different colors than those in your direct competition.

Use your palette everywhere! When designing your business cards, flyers even your social media postings and you really want to stay branded… stick to your color palette.

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