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Do You Want To Grow Your Practice?

Many people have a misunderstanding of what it takes to drive patients to your practice.  With the competitive dental world and the constant changes to digital marketing our approach to marketing is a game changer.

We Understand The Dental World

With over 15 years of dental knowledge, we understand the practice software, how to communicate with patients, what the nearby community wants and needs from a dental practice.

We Take The Marketing Off Of Your Plate

With so many marketing managers running dual roles in the dental world the majority fail.   A marketing manager needs more than a marketing background, but a passion for dentistry and an understanding of the complexity that comes with a dental office.

That’s where we come in, we are a full service dental marketing company either working with your staff or completely running your marketing campaigns. You should be creating amazing crowns, the perfect veneers and complete smile makeovers not laying awake at night worried about growing your practice.

We Believe In Teamwork

One of the best ways to grow your practice starts with the foundation, your team.  We value our clients and value becoming part of your team.

Training Your Staff

On average we spend a year building your practice into an automated marketing dental office.  This process usually takes 12 months identifying and working with key players in your practice.  We train those qualified staff members so that at the end of the year we can take a less aggressive approach providing marketing assistance to your staff.

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What We Offer

Inbound Marketing

Social Media Management

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Web Design/SEO

What Sets Us Apart

With our founder having a background in dental hygiene, worked almost every position in a dental office and dental marketing experience you don’t have to worry about hiring a company that doesn’t get the dental world.

We Understand The Dental World

Our content creation is centered around the dental terminology that drives traffic to your site.  We know what patients are looking for and what it takes to retain your patients.

Our Designs Are Clean

When creating everything from a great dental website to a mailer, we keep your look clean, just like your office is.  You want to have the look and feel on all of your marketing material to reflect what your office stands for and we wouldn’t create anything less than that.


One Company

Instead of having multiple companies and the hassle and stress of working with each one, Bright Crayon Marketing provides all the services you need to kick start your practice or elevate it.

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Build Your Team | Build Your Practice

Just like a home, your foundation for your business must be solid for long term success.  While some clients may opt out of our audit process it is strongly advised.  When we do a marketing audit we peel back the layers on every level of what you and your team are doing to directly and indirectly market your company.

Do You Have A Marketing Strategy?

Let’s be honest everyone’s end goal is increased revenue.  Without a defined strategic marketing plan you will spin your wheels, waste your time and your money.  Instead,  we setup marketing strategies that you and your team can understand, define roles and implement many on at least a basic level.  We have the knowledge and skills to run PPC campaigns, SEO for organic growth, social media to engage with those that matter and more.


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