In an effort to respect our clients’ times and our efforts to dedicate time specifically to clients we have set hours of Mon – Fri 9am – 4:00pm. If you need to reach our team after business hours please note a response will be the following business morning.

Accepted Payment Policies

After you have received an approved estimate and completed the signed contract to begin work a 50% deposit is required for the start of your work. You may pay by credit card or through PayPal. Checks are only accepted with a balance of less than $500.

Typical Turn Times

Times for completion of projects vary based upon the depth of each project. These times also vary on my clients providing the content and response times/requests for revisions. Most turn times are around 2-3 weeks.

What If You Are Not Satisfied

Our entire team works closely prior to the beginning of every project to make sure our visions are on track. If at any point prior to the completion of the project you are not satisfied you will not be held responsible for the remaining 50% balance. You will not receive rights to use the work completed by our team.

Domain names, hosting services & email setup: Your domain name as well as
hosting and email services must be purchased by you, the client.  Bright Crayon Marketing is not responsible for server downtime, software issues or any other compatibility issue that may arise after the launch of the site.  We recommend that you use bluehost.com or hostgator.com for your domain purchase and hosting services.

Client must provide Bright Crayon Marketing with FTP access to their server & hosting

Website Maintenance Plan: This contract does not include future WordPress
CMS or framework update and compatibility issues for your site.  After the launch of the site, all additional work will be quoted and billed at our hourly rate. You will have the opportunity to purchase a WordPress website maintenance plan for $50 per month through my development partners and more information can be presented to you if you are interested. This plan (or any equivalent plan by a provider of your choice) is highly recommended for the security and function of your new website moving forward.

Site Content: Please provide all pages titles and site content prior to site design. This will help us design the site specific to your needs from the start and will streamline and customize the design process. All content will be uploaded by you to our shared dropbox folder for use in the mockup design.

You are responsible for providing all images in proper format, size and quality for your website design. Any delays to the submission of this information will cause your project to be delayed and, in some cases, may result in additional charges.

Site Photography: All site photography should be completed and uploaded by the client to our shared dropbox before site design begins. I always
recommend working with a professional photographer for your website
imagery for a more personal and custom feel but stock photography can be
purchased and used by the client as an alternative if need be.

Development Process: All sites are built on a test server and then uploaded as a theme to your self-hosted WordPress website.  Once you provide your approval on the design of your site and we go to the development phase, all
future changes to the structure and overall look of the site will be billed separately.