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Our story begins with paint splatter, sketch books and pages composed for children’s books.  Growing up in a family of artists, designers & musicians Rachel was surrounded by creative thinkers, making her biggest asset creativity.  Her mother, a local artist, created the foundation for out of the box thinking tailored with the fundamentals of classic design knowledge.

Creativity and an eagerness to help others lead her into the dental world.  After working several years as a dental assistant building relationships with not only the staff, but the patients, Rachel went on to become a well sought after dental hygienist.  Her patients taught her the most valuable skills to grow a practice.   After working clinically for years Rachel soon realized her knowledge, design skills and passion to continue to develop technical skills could help not just one practice or company but many more through the development of dental marketing strategies that are applied in dental settings, as well as, well structured business settings i.e law firms.

With a degree in applied sciences Rachel stepped out of the 8 – 5 world in 2014 and began helping businesses of every size appreciate their clientele, share their vision and brand with the world and focus on marketing with a purpose.

Marketing is more than placing an ad, it’s relational, strategic and powerful if done right.  What impactful statement is your marketing making for your business today?

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At Bright Crayon Marketing we believe every customer and business should have unique marketing aspects when they choose us. You won’t find duplications unlike our competitors. Ou on-boarding process is smooth and perfected over the years to make your marketing journey fun and profitable.

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